Are you a goal setter?

I am a list maker and a goal setter. I apply this to all areas of my life. I tend to make very big goals, and I don’t always make those goals.

Before I write a post or make a video, I ask myself, “How will this help someone?” Sometimes when you share about your process, it can help others. I have learned from the experiences of others, and I hope this will help you!

This last month I set a humongous goal for my business, knowing very well that I had a very busy month. Despite that, it was an inner calling and I knew I had to do it. Even though I had a lot of travel plans and events, despite that I felt that I needed to set a big goal for my business.

I operate from intuition. I tell people who work with me to trust their intuition. When we are aligned and operate from a place of alignment, the information you get and the actions you need to take are a lot more clear. This felt like a very aligned goal for me that I wanted to do.

I set some intentions before I embarked on this goal journey.

I don’t like the word hustle at all. My mantra is “No Hustle.” Hustling doesn’t actually DO anything. I want to take inspired action. I wanted to be calm, peaceful and bring in joy, and I wanted my children to feel this also.

I set big intentions along with my big goals.

I knew that I was pushing myself, I knew I would be going beyond my comfort zone. This gave me immense strength and courage to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I reached out to people and asked if they would host while I taught classes in their homes. I went outside of my normal routine. Some things got lost along the way, but overall I was really amazed at how much I was outside of my comfort zone. Every step of the way I was checking in with myself to make sure I was still aligned and doing what I wanted to do, and the answer was yes.

Then exhaustion hit and I knew I needed to take care of myself.

My first learning was “this is amazing, I’m stepping out of comfort zone, I’m celebrating that.”

Second was I need to give myself some down time. Yes you have to do things, but it can be done without having to “push through it.” I decided to schedule downtime, I knew I needed to rest. I took naps and had days where I did nothing. Resting is key!

My third learning was I realized I was testing myself. I was looking to see where this desire to succeed was coming from. It was like a weird game I was playing with myself, I had the awareness that I needed to dig deep to see where this was coming from. Once I had that awareness, like I had to really dig deep to see where this desire was coming from, the needle started to move!

My fourth revelation was: to be successful in anything, you have to dig deep and do that inner work. Who is that person who gets to succeed? Who needs to come through? If I am going to resort to anxiety and overwhelm, that person is not going to get me to my goals. The inner work is constant.

You are bringing in awareness to your own being.

Bottom Line: I didn’t meet my goals, but I was very close to meeting them, and it didn’t make me disappointed. I thought I would be a lot more disappointed, but I know I gave it my best. I am no longer attached to the goal, I am more attached to the journey at this point. I want to enjoy the journey.

There is no point in reaching my goals if I am not enjoying the journey.

This was the biggest month ever for me in my Young Living business, so this is a big deal and I am going to celebrate! I am going to celebrate the joy of the journey.

Can you enjoy the journey?

Can you look at every step of the way and enjoy it? I am going to be MY best cheerleader. How many times do we do that? I celebrate every time my daughter poops, but I don’t celebrate me! It takes effort for me to celebrate me.

I want people to not go into hustle mode, to do this from a place of alignment and enjoy the journey.

I am so grateful for setting the goal, not meeting it, and also the revelations I came up with. I am setting the path and you are welcome to learn from my mistakes.

If any of this resonated for you, if you have any take away from this, whether you are in business or not, please share with me! What are you taking away from this for your own life? I would love to hear about it.

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