Episode 34 – Are You A Bad Mom If You Don’t Like Parenting

Are you a bad mom if you dont like parenting?

Padma Ali is a coach and a guide helping purpose-driven, overworked leaders like you unlock your highest potential to create the impact you have always dreamed of.  For more information visit www.padmaali.com Take the ‘QUIZ‘ to see if you have unlocked your highest potential. ****Special Announcement**** I ONLY have ONE spot left for one on one […]

Chemicals to Kick to the Curb

The chemicals you need to kick to the curb and why! I went into a long rant on YouTube about how marketers and companies are brilliant in not being entirely transparent about the ingredients used. QUESTION everything please. This is my only request to you! In my video, I also talked about the connection between […]

What to Avoid in Sunscreen

Sunscreen used to scare me more than the sun. After our family history of health issues and my hubs’ cancer history, if it is inedible, I refuse to put it on our skin…. But sunburn is real. This photo was taken last year when Anay got sunburned in the car (we were not even outside) […]

Homemade Beach Lotion with Essential Oils

Recently, we were in Virginia Beach and boy, was it hot there. For the past 2 years, I have been making my own beach lotion as I could not get myself to put the long ingredient list on commercial lotions and sprays on the kiddo. At first, I was intimidated by what it might take to do […]

Using Oils on Babies

I started using the oils right after my son was born. In retrospect I wish I had started it during pregnancy and during child birth as well. Like I had mentioned, my friend Naomi was the one who introduced me to Young Living essential oils. For some reason, when I was pregnant and would smell […]