Can This One Emotion Really Shift Everything?

Can This One Emotion Really Shift Everything? If you have already listened to my podcast Episode # 54 – The reason why successful people value this, you know exactly what I am talking about.   I will be sharing a powerful exercise on how to use gratitude to create your vibrant life, so read the […]

Is Stress Habit Driven?

Is Stress Habit Driven? I would love to hear how you’re doing. I am genuinely interested in knowing how you have survived one year of the pandemic. It has one hell of a year, has it not? You have survived the year-long lockdown, it’s huge. My kids are going back to in-person learning soon and […]

Success Is Not Because Of Hard Work, It’s Because Of…

Have you wondered how they got to where they did? What do you think was the key to success for that person.

How often have you heard of statements like “never give up”, “Keep on going and you will succeed” or “work hard”

Eight Things To Let Go In Order To Create Success

Thanks for being such an avid listener of my podcast. Please share your takeaways by tagging me on Instagram @padmaali ********* Padma Ali is a coach and a guide helping evolved purpose driven, executives like you to create impact by aligning with your highest potential For more information visit Have you unlocked your highest potential? Take the […]