Thanks for stopping by. If you’re like most people, you want to learn about me before investing in yourself. I am a weird mix of being an open book and being an introvert at the same time.  

Read on….


  • Neuropsychology. Know a ton about the brain. 
  • Help my clients unlock their highest potential by helping them get out of their own way 
  • I can read people quickly. You can call it my sixth sense 🙂 or my experience as a Psychotherapist for over two decades. 
  • My core values are Service, Freedom, Prosperity and Spirituality
  • My belief is that when you truly know who you are, life unfolds magically. 

Hey there, Padma Ali here. I help purpose driven evolved overachievers re-discover themselves, unlock their highest potential to live a fulfilled life. Even though they are highly accomplished, they struggle with taking their life and career to the next level. 

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How did I start this work?

I was burnt out in 2013 after my first child was born.  Despite having a very successful Psychotherapy private practice, I felt restricted because I couldn’t impact people globally.  I also started recognizing that traditional therapy just kept people stuck. 

I wanted to bring in other skills like energy medicine into my work. That’s when I decided to pursue coaching full time. It’s also when my unique proprietary formula was born. 

Combining Neuropsychology, Energy Medicine & Wisdom have allowed me to create extraordinary results for my clients and myself. 

This path has allowed me to live in alignment with my true purpose or ‘Dharma’ as I call it. I help my clients discover that alignment for themselves. 

When they shine their light, it causes a ripple effect as they impact all the people around them.

Professional Background

I practiced as a Psychotherapist for over 2 decades. Trained in both traditional and non traditional methodology, I bring in that knowledge and experience to my current clients

I am a certified life coach

I am a trained hypnotist 

I am trained in energy medicine

I am currently training in Neuro Linguistic Programing – forever a student

For more information about my professional background, please check out my LinkedIn Profile. 

10 Random Facts About Me ( not any particular order)

1) I have tons of energy and then need tons of alone time. You can blame it on the flamin’ Aries energy that burns in me

2) LOVE love love podcasts. So much so that I created my own “Create Your Vibrant Life”. 

3) Big time nerd. I read 3 or 4 books at the same time ( don’t judge ) all read in bed. On the same note, I have at least 5 journals going on simultaneously ( don’t judge ). My hubby only gives me journals as gifts now. You can say I have a journal fetish LOL. 

4) Love everything metaphysical. My first metaphysical book was “Autobiography of a yogi”. 

5) I swear when I am passionately talking about something.

6) The name I was given by my parents at birth is so long that I always run out of boxes while filling out any legal docs.

7) I had my kids at what they call the Advanced Maternal Age. Having Kids was not in my/our plan. My kids hounded me down to bring them earthside – there you go, my woo side for you.

8) I am a serious person, training myself to bring in more humor and lightness to life.

9) I have moved pretty much every 7 years all my life. The last move was just a few houses down the same street. Go figure 🙂

10) My favorite thing to start my day is meditation and hypnosis followed by a cup o chai. Hey, that’s the Indian in me.

11) Ok, not true, 11 random facts, not 10. I have two Masters. One in Clinical Psychology and the other in Marriage and Family Therapy, both done by 22. Got certified as a Life Coach soon after, long before everyone and their grandmothers started calling themselves a coach. The type A in me is no longer existent. When it emerges, I squash it down. I no longer live by my old belief that Life is a struggle. 

            On a personal note

  • When I am not ‘working’ ( as cliche as it sounds, my work never feels like work as I love it so much ) you will find me cooking for the fam listening to a podcast, reading to the kiddos, & biking with the fam.
  • The husband just amazing, I have to say.We have had our share of ups and downs and our marriage is by no means perfect but he’s super awesome. We have been together a long time over two plus decades. Couldn’t do this thing called life without him. He’s a techy & numbers geek so the complete opposite of me.
  • My personal struggles with health is one of the main influences in my work. I no longer identify as a sick person so that’s way in the past, but it sure was the silver lining to where I am now.