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Sign up for my 60-minute Breakthrough Session

All my clients who work with either one on one or in my group program go through this breakthrough session.


Because in 60 minutes, we can identify what is holding you back and clear the underlying beliefs holding that pattern in place.

I could tell you how powerful this one hour will be for you, but I am not going to. I will let you discover it for yourself.

At the end of the session, I will share my recommendations with you about your next steps.

One on One Coaching

Energy Alignment Coaching –  Activate Your Life

The fact that you’re here tells me that you’re serious about creating change in your life.

Have you wondered what makes you go back to the same struggles over and over again?

I am wondering if you would like to fully understand what’s keeping you stuck?

By learning and applying my unique N.E.W You Blueprint©, you can transform the blocks & CREATE the life you desire.

If you would like to:

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Increase your earning potential

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Live the best version of YOU

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Skyrocket productivity in less time

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Access more joy, peace and wellbeing

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Have more time for the important things

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IMPACT the world

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Create happier authentic relationships

What makes N.E.W. You Blueprint© so transformational?

N.E.W. stands for Neuropsychology, Energy Re-Design and Wisdom. 

The combination of brain science, ancient healing practices and tapping into inner wisdom ALLOWS for significant changes very quickly.

Unlike therapy or other work you might have done in the past, we work from both ends; the conscious and unconscious patterns and beliefs that have kept you stuck, clear the energetic patterns and take actions immediately.

We will dive deep and uncover years of programming to unravel the beliefs and patterns that have kept you stuck in your life.

You will start to notice how powerful it is to live from possibilities rather than circumstances.

I am very selective with who I work with. I only work with people who are committed, will do the work, show up, and ready for a life beyond their wildest dreams.

Most of my clients tell me that I over deliver and give you the results you came for. When you take the first step, we will lock arms together and create the life you have been longing for.

Are you ready to live your authentic free life?

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Group Program

Create Your Vibrant Relationship

Learn powerful skills to communicate, ask for what you want, and effectively deal with conflicts using the N.E.W You Blueprint©

Create Your Vibrant Money

“Money comes from the Universe” Intrigued? Join NOW to learn how to use the Law Of Attraction to attract abundance into your life using the N.E.W You Blueprint©

Create Your Vibrant Life

What kind of life do you dream of? You dream life is closer than you think. Learn powerful skills to transform your life inside out.

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Speaking & Workshops

I have been leading workshops for many years. I have been featured on many podcasts as well. If you would like me to train or speak to your audience, contact my team at

Here are some of the topics that I have been invited to speak about.

1. Neuro Persuasion and Influence

Hire me to train your team to use persuasive and influential language to dynamically sell and influence customers. Learn how to build instant trust and likability which is vital to leading a team and working with prospects.

2. Biggest Blockers to Success

Invite me to do a workshop on overcoming success blockers like fear of judgement and beliefs.

3. Say No To Stress & Overwhelm

Invite me to help your employees discover how to live a stress free life which will help skyrocket productivity.

4. Goal Setting Almost Always Never Works

I can help your audience learn how to set achievable goals using a unique method that taps into inner wisdom, intuition, and sustainable habits.

5. Other Topics

I can help your audience learn how to set achievable goals using a unique method that taps into inner wisdom, intuition, and sustainable habits.