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“I’m forever grateful and lucky to have a coach who challenges, asks the questions no one else did but yet is compassion personified. I now know why so many people seek Padma out. She is just that damn good at her job.”

        -Sripriya G


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“Padma is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine…loving, compassionate, healing, and powerful.  She held space for me and guided me to see where I was holding myself back and to heal.  It was a powerful session where I felt something shifted energetically, which helped me take new action.  I highly recommend working with Padma!”

       – Colleen S


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“Padma will stay engaged and connected with you because she transacts her business with meaning and purpose in her life. She is the person who will have your best interest at heart and is also a “lady of wisdom”, as well as, a “walking book of knowledge” in her field. I love watching and listening to all of her videos. I’m also astonished at how humble and truly authentic she is because you can just see how she radiates love and happiness in everything she says and does.

She is a role model for women and someone we can all learn from and for me, someone I would definitely love to emulate.

Padma, Thank you for being you! May you rise to the highest in all you do!”

       – Phyllis R


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“I was having a lot of trouble identifying what was stopping me from moving forward in my business. I couldn’t seem to get past it. Even when I thought I’d figured it out, I couldn’t let go of the limiting mindset I had based on some past experiences.

Padma has this way about her – it’s like she sees you for who you really are. She is so kind and non-judgemental that you feel like you can share things with her and know that she will hear you, talk you through it, and not look at you any differently.

When my emotions surfaced and I couldn’t stop them! I didn’t even know where they were coming from at the time, they just bubbled to the surface when we were talking. Once that happened, I was able to share out loud what had been bouncing around in my head for so long, and instantly started feeling relief.

I’ve noticed that having gotten those self-defeating thoughts out in the open with someone else, that I can now look at them for what they are. Just thoughts. Now I can change them (and I have!) and I am steadily getting things done daily to grow my business. From Jennifer Mack, Academic Consultant & Tutor – JMackAcademics”

       – Jennifer M


“Padma is so compassionate, grace-filled and wise.  She invites you to follow your intuition in what YOUR needs are and teaches you how to incorporate them into your life.  For the first time, it’s not like I’m doing that “one more thing.”  It’s this instead: I’m invited to live, breathe and grow in ways I only dreamed of with an amazing mentor to support and guide me.  And as I do, get to I invite other women to live in with a greater sense of vitality and joy than they have ever known.  This is how Padma is teaching me to expand life within me and others.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

       – Kristina J


“After talking to you I started meditating and I did start changing the narrative to myself. This tiny piece of advice has taken me our of my “I’m stuck phase” to the things are in motion phase. You won’t believe how the universe has started opening up. You are inspiring me to get out of my shell. Your messages resonate with me a lot. “  – B.S

“Both my husband and I learnt a lot about each other and the baggage we were carrying. Understanding about our insecurities and acknowledging them is the first key to solving any issues. Padma provided us with a guide on how we could communicate better with each other.

We are more confident in all aspects of our life and know that we can tackle any problems. I learned to focus on the good stuff and ignore the bad ones. It is a daily practice and we both continue doing it to this day.

Padma has definitely given us a new life and I highly recommend anyone having any issues to have a session with her.”

Your messages resonate with me a lot. “

 – Dhivya S. Software Engineer

“I am not sure I can fully capture how much Padma has positively impacted my life and helped me to realize the strengths and inner wisdom I have to guide my life in the direction I want. I first met Padma a decade ago when I was going through a painful divorce. She was my counselor and I looked forward to our meetings. Padma has a calm and healing energy. She offers guidance and support without judgement.

As I found myself dealing more recently with new challenges in my life, I kept recalling the advice Padma gave me in my divorce and her and balancing energy. I searched her on google and was thrilled to find her podcast and blog. I started one on one work with her. I had previously been a little skeptical of life coaches. And had I not known Padma before as a counselor, I may have passed her by, but that would have been a mistake. Padma has a unique gift. She is able to identify what is holding you back, offer you perspectives and provide you with guidance to develop the tools you need to live the life you wish to have. I am forever grateful for Padma, for both stages of my life in which she has been a source of guidance and support.

Padma has helped me through the toughest challenges in my life. She is sincere, balanced,a nd giving, and I so admire how she helps others find their inner strength to serve the world as they truly want. Thank you Padma. I can never express how much you mean to me and how you have helped me recognize my strengths and engage in the work I needed in order to achieve the life I want.”

    – Jen K.


“I am so glad that I decided to join Padma’s program. Her coaching made me realize who I am, what I am contributing in my relationship and how I can transform myself the way I want in my relationship.

An argument or misunderstanding is very common in a long lasting relationship. I used to wonder if it would be really beneficial if there is someone who is trustworthy and can guide me through the hardship that I face in my relationship and yes Padma was the perfect fit for me.

Before I joined her program, I was focused on my partner’s mistakes, things did not happen the way I wanted, which was leading to building up frustration. This was the pattern I was seeing years over years but I was helpless.

Her coaching is helping me in changing my thought process and focus on me rather than him. To name a few – change in the form of self love, self worth, celebrate the small things that I do on a daily basis, effective communication.

Her tools and modules are very effective. For instance, I am able to pause my conversation if it is not going in a right direction which will end up in an argument before I start her program.

Two points that amazed me in this journey –
1. Though the program is on a relationship, it was all about me
2. She is excellent in diving to the root of my each action or behavior

Overall, the investment in her program is a lifetime investment.”

 – Thank you,  JC 

“Before working with Padma, I had had years of therapy and investments in self improvement. However, I came to a place in life where I was frustrated, angry, self-loathing and just down and out. I had created a life long story that life is hard and I was truly living that way. It felt like I had hit rock bottom and couldn’t find my way out. I was in a bad place, and so was my marriage.

I called Padma after a particularly “rock bottom” day. I couldn’t take the frustration and anger, and I was truly at my boiling point. So, I picked up the phone and called Padma and even that first consultation was an amazing call. I knew I had to work with her. I was working with a therapist but I wasn’t getting anywhere with the therapist. 

My biggest takeaway from working with Padma…this is hard because there are so many! But, if I have to pick one, I’d say that she told me I would look in the mirror and think I was an amazing person. I had felt that before in my life, but I’d lost it and it didn’t seem like it was coming back. I can now say, I feel it more than I ever have. Not only do I think I’m amazing, I’m also making concrete steps to create a future I desire and cherish. It’s not just a feeling, it’s real. I am creating my own path and destiny. And there are no excuses left. 

 Everything in my life has changed since our work has come to an end. My love and respect for myself has changed. That is the root of all other aspects of my life changing. Because of this, my marriage has changed (from wanting to leave, to having mutual respect and love for each other). My temperament has changed. The idea that life is hard is GONE.  I was living in severe pain, and while I still have pain intermittently I am living life without severe pain and without medication. Bad feelings can cause pain and I had YEARS of bad feelings and negative self talk. I can go on and on! 

If you’re not sure, if you’re worried about the money, time, whatever it is, move those worries aside, because if you TRULY want to change your life, if you’re sick of your own patterns but don’t know how to get out, working with Padma will give you all of the tools to help you create a life you’ve always wanted. You will be free from whatever is holding you back for your life. Do it, don’t look back and enjoy the freedom and joy that comes from within. It will change your life”

 –  Bindi